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Vampire Love Novels are undeniably romantic.  Vampire fiction and paranormal novels alike touch something feral in us.  Powerful, dangerous and often immortal, yet somehow tragic, the paranormal is perfect inspiration for romance.  Whether a paranormal romance novels based on Vampires or Lycanthropes (Lycans) the paranormal have birthed a dangerous, sexy, yet oddly civilized hero intoxicating for readers.  Case in point, the vampire love story told in the Twilight saga!   From teenagers to adult women, there’s something incredibly romantic about a male who has lived centuries with immense power, yet who has never felt complete until now… and all because of a very specific woman.


Vampire Love Novels

Not just in Vampire Love Novels, but in reality it is common knowledge that men find a woman wearing confidence sexy, but it’s just as true that women find a powerful man attractive.   Who holds more power than a hero who holds immortality or becomes a beast?   With vampire love, we also have the magnetism of wanting something dark, forbidden . If you’re going to escape reality, why not splurge and plunge into the truly fantastical?   Nothing is more fantastical than vampire romance novels or paranormal romance books.   In his article “Why Do We Love Vampires?”, Robert A. Barnett asked the question “Why do teenage girls and grown-up women so love these tales of blood and lust?”  [“It’s the erotics of anticipation,” says Emily Hodgson Anderson, Ph.D., an assistant professor of English at the University of Southern California. As an expert on an earlier age of Gothic romance (those in the 18th century), she thinks the current appeal of these books and movies is in their mirror image of the age that gave us the first Gothic novels—The Castle of Otranto, The Monk and Pamela—an age of sexual repression and fear of women’s sexuality].
the change Home     In vampire romance books, it’s the Sexy Restrain, Robert goes on to report . [“The appeal now is precisely because we are not sexually repressed,” says Anderson.  “Sex is everywhere.  We’re pretty desensitized.  So these stories re-introduce anticipation, the almost infinite deferral of any type of sexual consummation.”  “The archetypal vampires are larger-than-life, charismatic entities of power and mystery who once were human and now display abilities beyond human limitations.  They can defeat death, seduce anyone of their choosing, obliterate their enemies and stay up all night.  What’s not to like?”]   In Barnett’s article Anderson goes on to say “”The vampire represents the intensification of the bad boy appeal, yet frames it in a gentlemanly way,” she says.  “It’s risk coupled with civility.”… in the case of Twilight’s Bella and her vampire love, “She’s a supremely average girl who’s overlooked, yet Edward notices her.   He sees her as something special and unique.  That is a basic human desire.””
So, what are the best vampire books or paranormal romance novels?   That’s subjective.   For some what makes the best in Gothic novels is that though women are expected to have no sexual desire, once it’s unleased it runs rampant. For other’s it’s the Peter Pan aspect. The idea that the hero, once infected with the paranormal, becomes forever young.   For others it’s the forbidden of blood ritual and the seduction of the dark.
– excerpts taken from the article “Why Do We Love Vampires?”, Robert A. Barnett, http://www.ivillage.com


Check out our NEW Category: “Young Adult”.   Many paranormal romance or vampire love stories can go from hot to OMG!  That’s why I’ve posted a special category that will showcase those titles that are written for Young Adults and Teens…or those who want their paranormal romance a bit tamer.  You’ll find great deals when I spot them, links to author’s websites, Kindle e-books, audio books, collector editionsboxed sets and the good old paperback.  If you love a title that I haven’t posted a personal review of yet, please chime in and share!  Vampire love novels, Paranormal Romance, Werewolves, Urban Fantasy or Young Adult, I’ll try to help you find the novel you’ll love to read.  Enjoy! ~admin

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An avid reader of almost anything, there’s just something about a good paranormal story to keep me turning the pages.  After all, a girl cannot live on technical manuals and text books alone.  If I’m reading to escape reality, why not do so with a hero that’s bigger, stronger & more deadly than the average man & who loves his chosen heroine just that much harder?  After all, I am a woman and if I’m going to read about people, or non-humans as the case may be, thrown together in harrowing circumstances, then I want to know more than just the action.  While I’m turning the pages, I care about those characters.  The undeniable draw of romance mixed with the danger of irresistible alpha males and strong women up to their eyeballs in action fits the bill.

gerard butler alpha male 244x300 About

Upgrade from the average joe – escape with an alpha male

Unsatisfied by the hit and miss selections of the local general merchandise store, I surfed.  And surfed.  Got another cup of coffee, and surfed some more.  I found some blogs that reviewed, but if they reviewed, they didn’t sell.  If they sold, the search for what I really wanted was buried in with a lot of what I didn’t.  If I found a series or author I really liked, when I finished I had a hard time finding the next obsession.  So, I began this blog to list the types of selections I was looking for in Vampire love novels or other paranormal romance that featured my recent favorites, the werewolves.  But I didn’t stop there.  You’ll find gargoyles, paladins, time travelers, aliens and just about any alpha male you care to dream about.

While going back to school, I’ll do my best to delight you daily with a new option to feed your own addiction.  If  you’re not lucky enough to live with your own alpha male, grab a cup of coffee and take some time to meet a few of my friends.

Happy Reading.


Updates from ~adminwhere have I been?

Memorial Weekend 2013 – Hello faithful followers.  I wanted to thank you all for following my blog and enjoying the great titles these authors work to bring you.  I‘ve been absent these last few months as my family deals with a couple catastrophic illnesses.   Lessons I’ve learned are that 1) one should never lose sight of how important it is to stop and smell the proverbial roses.  Wring the maximum amount of pleasure out of every visit with family, you never know when you may loose them, or when life will irreparably change forever.  2) Cancer really doesn’t care.  No matter how much you do right, sometimes cancer just strikes.  It insideously strips away your sence of normalcy.  The learning curve is steep and the stakes are so very high.  3) Brain injuries are no less horrific to deal with.  Worse than a physical injury, they change the sence of self and can alter personality.  Your loved one looks the same, but may be different.  4) Let your loved ones know you love them.  Never loose an opportunity to let them know this.  Tragedy doesn’t plan around your schedule, it just surprises you. 5) It may not be fun, but take the time to put an Advanced Health Care Directive in place.  Choose a Healthcare Power Of Attorney.  Talk about your wishes with them and plan for the worst.  This makes it easier for your loved ones when tragedy strikes, because they know what you want them to do.  It’s not fun, but it eases the stress of tragedy.

3-3-13 my husband threw up blood and we headed to the emergency room.  What we expected to be a bleeding ulcer was Gastric Junction cancer, a tumor in his stomach that extended to his esophagus.  He had lost approximately half his blood and required several units of whole blood during his several days in IMC (Intermediate Care) as they worked to stabilize him.   Lots of tests, several units of iron, placement of a port-a-cath and we started chemo therapy the next Monday.  The road to recovery is a long one, this is a tough, fast growing cancer that will require chemo, radiation and surgery.  We suck at curing this one.  We suck worse at finding it early here in the U.S.  We were lucky he threw up blood as we found the cancer at stage 2B.  He has about a 36% shot.

3-25-13 we buried my mother’s oldest sister after a long battle in the hospital.  3-26-13 I got a call at work that I never wanted to get.  While ice fishing with his cousin, his best friend, my dad suffered a brain hemorrhage.  A traumatic brain bleed that put him in a coma.  His cousin had lost his dad after a stroke and knew what he was seeing.  He called for help, that he thought my dad was having a stroke.  The 8 men closest to them on the ice ignored the cries for help, not wanting to be involved.   3 men, the farthest away from them on the ice, dropped everything to come assist.  They wrapped up my dad’s belongings, called 911 and got him to shore where the ambulance was waiting.  They were angles of sorts that day and I wish I knew their names so I could thank them.  After the ambulance ride my dad was airlifted to the regional trauma center via helicopter.  I met him there and, because I had Power of Attourney, I could authorize the surgery that saved his life as my dad was in a coma and my mom was not yet at the hospital.

We face months more of recovery for my dad and expect he will come home at about the time my husband will endure an 8 hour surgery to remove his cancer.  Dad will need extra help as he continues to recover while my husband faces weeks on a feeding tube as he heals.  This has been hard on the whole family, but at least the whole family is helping to carry the load.  Through it all, God is good.  As in his promise in I  Cor 10:13, we are never given more than we can bear and when the load is too heavy, He never closes a door without opening a window.

Thanks for thoughts and prayers that come our way during this difficult time.  Keep reading, keep enjoying life to the fullest with every day you are given, keep loving those around you, keep making a difference. ~admin

November is…

10-30-2014  Hello faithful followers, I’m still here, just very busy with my caregiver duties as my husband continues his fight with gastric cancer.  We are starting a grassroots November is… campaign to show support for him through his fight, raise awareness for gastric cancers (November is Stomach Cancer Awareness Month) and raise a donation for one of the charities that has been so helpful to us in our cancer journey.  If you’d like to help us Make an Impact, please download the pdf by clicking on any of the November is… links, print the last 2 pages and take action.  We thank you very sincerely from the bottom of our hearts. ~ admin

11-03-2014 Update: Wisconsin Proclaims November as Curing Stomach Cancer Month – I wanted to share some great news, 20 October 2014 I applied for a proclamation with the Govenor’s office here in our home state of Wisconsin, it was signed 31 October 2014!  While it is a small step in raising awareness for stomach cancer, it feels pretty good to actually do something when so much of a cancer diagnosis leaves you feeling nothing but helpless.  I am only one person, but today I feel that I have indeed made a small difference.  A big, big thank you to Scott Walker, Govenor of Wisconsin, for signing the proclamation and helping us raise awareness!  Please take a moment to click the link and view the proclamation here. ~admin


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